How Black Cohosh Can Help Control Menopause Symptoms

Many women use Black Cohosh for nutritional support during menopause and find that it helps calm uncomfortable but normal menopausal symptoms

Black Cohosh supports the body’s effort to balance hormone levels. Modern natural health enthusiasts use it to nourish the female glandular system as it supports the body's efforts to balance hormone levels.

Low estrogen levels have been linked to common female reproductive and menopause symptoms. Black Cohosh possesses mild estrogenic properties and helps balance female hormone levels, thereby, easing menopausal symptoms.

Black Cohosh also has antispasmodic properties and helps relax muscle spasms, including those associated with premenstrual and menstrual cycles and stages.


Take one 500 mg. capsule with a meal twice daily. For best results, use with vitamin E.  Black Cohosh contains phyto-estrogens and calm those menopausal symptoms.

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