Does Black Cohosh Provide Menopause Relief?

Menopause ReliefThroughout our lifetime we women spend too many hours in pursuit of relief from the many afflictions related to our reproductive organs; and unfortunately, all of these afflictions and treatments, including menopause relief are as old as the human race. Their roots go back to a time when chemical compounds had yet to be invented; a time when herbs and other plants were cultivated and used for medicinal purposes. In our ongoing cultural debate over whether homeopathic remedies are effective we forget that there ever was a time when medicine was not available at the nearest corner store.

One of the most historically common homeopathic menopause remedies is Black Cohosh. An effective remedy, the side effects of black cohosh have proven to be minimal and manageable making this a remedy that has survived the test of time.
“The roots and rhizomesof black cohosh have long been used medicinally by Native Americans. Extracts from these plant materials are thought to possess analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatoryproperties. Today, black cohosh preparations (tinctures or tablets of dried materials) are used mainly to treat symptoms associated with menopause.”  Taken from Wikipedia. Accessed on April, 10 2011
Biologically, we haven’t changed much, except for our life expectancy and potentially the length time a woman must endure the menopause process. For those who choose the natural management of black cohosh to treat their menopause symptoms; the side effects of black cohosh are manageable.

The Side Effects of Black Cohosh When Taken in Large Doses

  • Nausea,
  • Dizziness,
  • Seizures,
  • Visual Disturbances,
  • Reduced Pulse Rate
  • Increased Sweating.


The Side Effects of Black Cohosh When Taken in Smaller Doses

  • stomach upset.(A)
  • The side effects of black cohosh are usually mild as listed above. For more sensitive individuals, the side effects can also include water weight gain, cramping and diarrhea. In some rare instances vomiting and/or weight loss may occur. Mild and moderate symptoms will usually pass within a few days or weeks of continued use.


Uses For Black Cohosh

As a treatment to provide menopause relief, black cohosh has been used to treat hot flashes and vaginal dryness as well as other menopause symptoms. Other uses include the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, menstruation irregularities and in some instances to induce labor.
If you choose to use black cohosh for menopause relief and experience any of the side effects of black cohosh listed above or any not listed, consult your physician to discuss the best course of treatment to provide continued relief.

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