Analysis on Menopause Sleep Disorders

Menopause Sleep DisordersMenopause sleep disorders are one of the most annoying symptoms of going through that time of a woman’s life. Fluctuating estrogen levels are often to blame, however, there’s a new phenomenon, which is the rise of adrenal fatigue.

Effects of Fluctuating Estrogen Levels

  • Basically, the body works the way a hospital does – emergencies get priority. Comfort is nice but it’s secondary to survival. This means, while the body enjoys the nourishing influence of Yin sex hormones, it grants priority to the Yang stress hormones that serve to help us survive the crisis.
  • Experts say these vastly fluctuating estrogen levels may be a significant causal factor to menopause sleep disorders.
  • If we run low on either sex hormones or stress hormones, or both, and there’s not enough raw material available to make both, our bodies prioritize stress hormones. This process exacerbates fluctuating estrogen levels in a menopausal woman.

Adrenal Gland Process

Our body’s strategy of putting the needs of our survival systems first might work as a short-term arrangement but, for many, unfortunately becomes a way of life.  Here’s the adrenal problem.

  • Our adrenal glands have already had to work overtime to produce all the stress hormones that are triggered by our modern lives.
  • Then they have to pump out more of other kinds of hormones to re-establish the balance between Yin and Yang in the body, which, due to fluctuating estrogen levels throws us out of whack by all the stress hormones in the bloodstream. 
  • Little-by-little we deplete both our sex hormones and our stress hormones and overtax our poor adrenal glands.
  • They ultimately burn out. When this happens, our bodies cannot produce enough sex or stress hormones and the stage is then set for difficulties like menopause sleep disorders and discomfort.
  • Adrenal burn-out can actually happen at any age but is especially pronounced during and after menopause.

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