How To Have Fun While Getting In Shape

Night sweats, weight gain, and mood swings are just a few of the symptoms you might experience when you reach the menopause phase that will probably kick in during your 40s or 50s.


While the symptoms can be inconvenient and even disruptive to your daily routine, there are things you can do to improve your overall health during your menopausal years. One of those things is regular exercise that will help you safeguard against the sort of bone and muscle loss that a lot of menopausal woman cope deal with.


But what to do if you find it difficult to commit to a regular exercise regimen? You will find it easier to stick with a program if you can have fun while getting in shape. Read on to find out more.


Be Realistic

First things first. While it is obviously important to set goals — fitness-wise and otherwise — it’s also critical that you be realistic when fleshing out your getting-in-shape objectives. Consider, for instance, that the physical exertion that exercise necessitates will increase instances of hot flashes at the beginning due to your climbing body temperature — and this will be even more the case if you’re above your ideal weight. You will, however, see hot flashes become more tolerable as you shed body fat. So there will be an adjustment period after menopause sets in versus before menopause sets in. Being realistic will make it much easier to have fun as you get in shape.


Mix it Up

It’ll be a whole lot easier for you to stick with your exercise program if you find them fun, and one way to accomplish this is to mix things up by incorporating various activities. For instance, you might go walking on Monday, biking on Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday, and so on and so forth. After a while, you’ll figure out which types of exercises you enjoy the most. You might find it helpful to select an exercise partner who can motivate you — and vice versa. Exercising with one or more other people can help make you and your exercise mates accountable to each other.


Hire a Trainer

A certified trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals — and make things fun at the same time. Don’t be shy about letting him or her know what sorts of exercises you find most enjoyable. The trainer may be able to incorporate into the program things that will keep you interested since you’re more likely to enjoy the sessions — and to keep at it — if you’re having fun.


Try Yoga

If you like nothing more than to strike a pose when working out, then yoga is just the sort of thing you need to add to your workouts. One of the forms of yoga getting more attention these days is Bikram yoga. It involves doing the same 26 poses and a couple of breathing exercises in various cycles during a one and a half hour class. So if names such as the tree pose, triangle pose, and eagle pose pique your interest, Bikram yoga is something you might want to try to up the fun factor.


Exercise is obviously important at any age and phase of life but it can take on even greater importance the older you get. And, if you’re going to commit to exercising regularly, you might as well have fun while doing so. The aforementioned tips will get your started in the right direction.

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