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Heart Disease In WomenHeart disease in women is more prevalent today than ever.  A recent study at Massachusetts General Hospital found that exercising briskly for just 10 minutes (including walking at a pace that elevates your heart rate but allows you to carry on a conversation) delivers immediate benefits in burning calories and fat and maintaining healthy glucose levels.

The American Heart Association recommends you take that 10-minute walk three times daily and get 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days per week
Here are three different 10-minute walks that can help reduce the heart disease in women risks:
Morning Moves – Your morning workout has four easy-to-learn steps; start out doing each one for about 30 seconds:

  1. Walk in place at a moderate pace, letting your legs warm-up a bit.
  2. Step to the side – left foot to the left, than bring your right foot to meet it, than back to your start position.  After 10 side-steps, switch sides.
  3. Kick gently forward, alternating legs.
  4. Raise your knees, bringing alternating knees up to about your waist, keeping back straight and tummy in.

Alternate these moves for about five minutes, then pick up the pace with a slightly faster walk, elbows pumping to elevate your heart rate.
Lunchtime Laps – Use your lunchtime as an opportunity to get yourself moving.  You can repeat the morning routine or invite a friend or co-worker to go outside for a walk, making sure you follow a brisk pace.
Afternoon Aerobics – Before you settle in for a relaxing evening, repeat your four basic walking moves, but with more arm movement to get your heart pumping faster.  After a few minutes of warm-up, add a forward arms scissor motion to your side-step.  During your kicks, reach your hand down toward the opposite leg.  During your knee raises, touch both hands to your knees. Return to walking in place to cool down.
Every ½ hour workout will burn 150 calories.

Congratulations, you’ve just reduced the risk of heart disease in women.

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