How To Minimize Heart Disease Risk Factors

Eating Healthy FoodMuch is documented in health related articles on how eating healthy food reduces heart disease risk factors. Eating healthy food starts with eating plenty of fiber. One food we all know about is loaded with fiber and other nutrients – the apple!

Conventional apple growing often involves pesticides, so try to find organic apples whenever possible. Some growers practice integrated pest management (IPM), which tries to minimize chemical usage by relying more on biological pest controls. Whether you’re cooking, baking or just plain snacking, there’s an apple for you:

Relatively few of the nearly 100 commercial apple varieties account for most of this abundance. Each not only provides a slightly different flavor and texture but is also better suited to some usages than others. Here’s the top five:

Red Delicious – features a mildly sweet crunch and a deep red skin. The classic snacking apple, it also goes well in salads.

Gala – a New Zealand variety, it features a reddish-pink color. Besides being suitable for snacks and salads, this juicy, very sweet apple also freezes well.

Golden Delicious – another old-fashioned variety like the Red, has a crisp, pale flesh that resists browning. This makes it a kitchen all-star, as suitable for baking and saucing as it is for out-of-hand eating.

Granny Smith – a green variety, which is famous for its crisp, tart flesh. It is suitable for all uses.

Fuji – is, as its name suggests, a native of Japan. Sporting a yellow-red skin, its sweet crispness makes it excellent for snacking, salads, and freezing, but it can also be used for pies and sauce.

Apples last up to six weeks when refrigerated and kept away from strong-smelling foods. Use a mixture of one part lemon juice to three parts water when slicing or chopping apples to keep them from turning brown.

Perhaps poet Robert Frost could write “I have had too much of apple-picking,” but his opinion doesn’t hold much weight among the fruit-consuming public. According to the US Apple Association, the country’s growers produce about 50 pounds of fresh and processed fruit per person every year. Apples’ taste and versatility help explain their popularity, along with their well-deserved reputation, as a healthy alternative to candy, chips, and other snacks.

Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a versatile ingredient, it’s time to pick apples for your family’s table. One easy way to minimize heart disease risk factors is eating healthy food – and the apple is an excellent food source, source of nutrition and heart risk reducer as is well document by health related articles.

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