Surprising Behaviors that Age You

Pixmac000078789461You may be aware that stress can cause damage to your body in such a way that it accelerates types of health deterioration normally associated with aging. However, there other contributing factors that you may not be familiar with. One among these is the activity of running at a steep incline. In a recent article for US News, I explain this phenomenon:

All running isn’t always good. Uphill running (in particular) places additional stress on the knees and ankles, reports the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine. “There is at least a four-fold increase placed on our knee joint [with uphill running], and this can lead to premature breakdown of cartilage, also known as arthritis,” says Moshe Lewis, chief of physical medicine and rehab at California Pacific Medical Center, St. Luke’s Campus. If you’re just beginning a running program, the AOSSM cautions against uphill running at first. Even if you’re an experienced runner, take care with steep inclines. After all, the ideal running surface is “flat, smooth, resilient, and reasonably soft,” says the AOSSM.

It has also been observed that overheating your food, bad posture, and listening to loud music can have other negative health consequences.

Dr. Moshe Lewis, MD MPH

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