Move Out of My Way, Depression!

balancehormones-640x400Experiencing depression and the holiday blues can hold you in a funk for quite some time.  As I type this article today my mind is being pulled in a hundred different directions trying to make sense of everything I need to accomplish in the next 3 days.  I gotta say, I’m more worried than excited.

Push through the stress of the Holidays and ENJOY YOURSELF by using one or more of the following tips from our expert contributors.

Get Physical!

First get a complete physical to make sure there isn’t an organic reason why you feel out of sorts, especially a thyroid test. Make sure your hormones are balanced. And only eat real foods, foods that have only one ingredient, staying away from the processed, fried, and sugary things they call food.

When experiencing a negative emotion, recognize it in less intense terms. Instead of saying you’re depressed, say you feel blah, unfocused, and have low energy. Also notice your physical pattern, posture, facial expression, breathing, muscular tension, etc.

Next, set a goal of how you want to feel, such as upbeat, positive, focused, energetic, etc. Then get in the physical pattern of the desired emotion. Assume an upright posture, hold your head up high, put a smile on your face, do full belly breathing, and move deliberately. A brisk walk, dancing, exercising, any change in physical pattern will help to change your mental state.

Get in a resourceful state of being so that you can effectively deal with what is bothering you. Ask yourself what beliefs are contributing to this negative state? Are the beliefs valid or just inappropriate thinking? Keep an ongoing journal of your thoughts and beliefs to challenge the negative ones and put you in control.

Lastly, fill your mind with positive moments, things you look forward to, how you can help others, what you find beautiful, what you’re grateful for, and stay away from the negative TV shows, music, and sensationalized news. Focus on what uplifts you and avoid what drains you.

Ronald Kaufman, Seminar Leader/Executive Coach/Author, Ronald Kaufman Consultancy

Move that Depression out of the Way

As someone who lived with fibromyalgia and depression, I was told by the m.d.’s not to exercise so things would settle and my muscles could calm down. Yet, I tanked even further into the abyss of my dark, yet friendly cave I knew so well. The cave, however well I knew it, was like a bad friend I couldn’t give up until I decided to move again. Even though initially it was painful, I finally found help with corrective movements which changed my life and ended all the pain and depression. I had to find people who could customize movement programs which would take out the bodily compensations and distortions I un-knowingly lived with.

As I learned how effective this was, my life brightened and today I help people do the same by sharing the knowledge that movement which serves us, serves us in so many ways we wouldn’t normally think possible, until we re-discover the lost art of moving well and often.

Eduardo Barrera, Hanna Somatic Educator, Gravity Werks

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