Give Yourself What You Need to Overcome Depression

med-1044-depressionNow that the obligatory family Christmas dinners have come to an end, take some time to unwind and enjoy the rest of your holiday season.  There are many factors that play into our bluesy feelings during this time of year.  Assess the situation and take action accordingly.

Women often feel guilty about making the choices for ourselves that we do.  When trying to overcome depression, make decisions based on what is best for you.  Give yourself whatever it is that you need to beat the holiday blues.

Surround Yourself with Positive Family Dynamics

Spend time during the holiday season with people who make you feel positive about yourself. If your family dynamics are such that those close to you are likely to make you feel worse about yourself, then you may want to rethink your holiday plans and address how you deal with negativity in those situations.

Dr. Kevin Solomons (aka Dr. Self Esteem), Psychiatrist, Author/Speaker


Light Up Your Life, Leave Depression Behind

Getting the right light can make a difference in your brain and reduce depression. Bright sun is best because you receive vitamin D in addition to the light. Artificial lights can also work effectively. Using 10000 lux lights can reduce non-seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. Once you begin to use light therapy it is best to develop a routine that works for you. It is best to use it early in the day. Using bright lights late in the day may effect melatonin and impact your sleep. r patients suffering from non-seasonal depression, light therapy offers modest though promising antidepressive efficacy.”

Bruce Meleski, Ph.D., CEO, Intelligent Sleep

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