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At this age when various diseases disrupt the normal living routines of a number of people, many decide to try and take on other methods that might help them improve their health conditions. Part of this is exploring medical remedies in other countries–health solutions that might not be available or practiced in one’s hometown–through what has been called medical tourism. Since there is more and more information about medical tourism in Israel, USA, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, and other parts of the globe, getting the best medical attention to most health conditions is now made easier, more convenient and even more affordable.


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In Israel for instance, just like in many other countries, medical alternatives are being used to treat several types of diseases–ranging from manageable skin problems to serious and terminal health concerns.  Among these, Dead Sea treatment is considered one of the most popular because of the scientifically proven benefits the minerals found in the Dead Sea can give. According to hard science research, the climate in the Dead Sea’s area combined with its reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation and low pollen and allergen content may be correlated with its capacity to help in natural skin care and treatment of skin-related diseases.

Dead Sea’s promise is similar to that of other non-traditional modalities as its main source of healing power lies in its innate mineral components. Meaning, every treatment in the Dead Sea is anchored in the abilities of the nature to enhance human function.  Specifically, Dead Sea medical remedies focus on addressing skin care
concerns. Research suggests that the conditions in this area are capable of providing cure and care to dermatological problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, and mycosis fungoides.

For psoriasis alone, Dead Sea is scientifically proven to significantly decrease the appearance of spots and lesions on the skin. It is also said that the exposure of people with psoriasis tovsun in the Dead Sea area is truly beneficial as its inimitable and exceptional conditions filter the damaging solar rays from the sun, while it allows a specific amount of UV radiation needed to heal people suffering from psoriasis. It must be noted, however, that experts recommend bathing in the sea for a couple of minutes before really exposing the body to the sun. The condition of the skin should also be taken into account.

A product of the Dead Sea–the Dead Sea salts are now being used to treat not only psoriasis but even eczema. In many health and spa facilities, Dead Sea salts are placed in a bathtub to somehow replicate or recreate the actual sea. In some cases, these salts are utilized as scrubs and are regularly used in routine everyday bathing. Although these may undeniably have health benefits, being in the Dead Sea (and absorbing its natural health values) is still the best option as it is all natural and preserved.


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Because there are a number of research endeavors proving the wonders Dead Sea can do, especially when it comes to treating skin diseases, there is no reason people should not believe in its power. After all, both natural science and experience attest that Dead Sea wonders are certainly effective.

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