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When I was diagnosed just over a year ago, it was shocking, scary, maddening, overwhelming….. But as awful as it was, the circle that began to close around me and carry me through my year of treatment was incredible. From the professionals at the Cancer Center to my friends, family and neighbors, this circle took care of me and my family both mentally and physically. Amazingly, on the days where I felt my absolute worst, I would end up hearing a story about someone who was suffering much more than myself. This always reminded me that it could be worse and that I needed to get focused again and fight my battle.

I realized that reaching out to others and getting involved not only gave me something to focus on, but it was therapeutic. As a result, I got involved in raising money for my local breast cancer center and foundation. This year, for the second time, I walked in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in my local area. I raised a lot of money and even got my campfire girls involved. Walking in that event put me on Cloud 9. Instead of sitting at home feeling scared or sad, I lift my spirit by getting out there and giving back to this community that gave so much to me.

— Meagan Farrell, Owner, Clear the Clutter

Where Magic Happens

Here is an inspirational story with a slightly different edge…

Imagine two women touched by cancer, each on their own very similar—but separate—missions. When a mutual friend brings them together, magic happens.

Carol Taylor is a breast cancer survivor. During her post treatment slump, Carol carried a basket of items that she needed around the house with her. Now in remission, she makes baskets for cancer patients going through the same thing.

Joni Aldrich is a cancer widow, author and speaker, who started her business—Basket of Care—after sending a basket to a friend who was unemployed, but needed some practical items for his upcoming cancer treatment. Now walking together on the same path, Carol and Joni offer baskets for family and friends to send to cancer patients that they love—blankets, pill organizers, thank you cards, etc.—when a plant or flower just won’t do.

— Joni Aldrich

You see…  any one of us can make magic happen for another person in need.

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