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Breast Cancer HealthBreast cancer health is a very real and scary concern for all women. Whether you have a family history or not, the statistics are staggering and almost impossible to miss; each year more than an estimated 1.2 Million women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women and the second leading cause of death from cancer. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that we all stay well informed of the progress being made by those leading the way in cancer research.

Breast Cancer Health BRCA1

A recent study in London may have found a region of DNA that can indicate the increase or decrease in the chances of breast cancer that is linked to a particular gene variant. This finding could help doctors identify those women who are most at risk and help them make proper mammogram recommendations. The study centered on women carrying the BRCA1 gene thought to be faulty and a clear signifier to the risk of certain cancers. Research suggests that over 60 percent of women with this gene will develop breast cancer. The London study suggests that if a woman with the BRCA1 gene also has the "risk version" of the DNA region called 19p13, chances she will develop breast cancer may be even higher.

Breast Cancer Health Vaccine

Research at the Cleveland Clinic has indicated that a new breast cancer vaccine has shown great promise when tested on mice. This research focused on mice specifically bred to be prone to breast cancer. These mice were divided into two focus groups where one group was given the vaccine and the other a placebo version. None of the group who received the test vaccine developed cancer, whereas the group administered the placebo did develop the disease. This drug is designed to prompt the immune system to attack a protein that is found in most breast cancer cells. This protein is also found in the tissue of most breast feeding moms, limiting its potential use in humans to women past the child bearing stage. While in the preliminary stages, if this research proves beneficial in human trials, it could be monumental. Also, in the trials it was deduced that this vaccine could not only help prevent, but also halt the growth of existing tumors.

Breast Cancer Health Summary

While pioneers in breast cancer health research rage on in an effort to thwart breast cancer, it is up to you to make sure you are doing your part as well. Make a point to schedule your regular checkups and do your monthly breast exams. And remember if you do end up with an abnormal mammogram that there are medical professionals out there making progress everyday to concur this disease.


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