Love Your Breasts? Women’s Breast Health Tips

Women's Breast HealthDo you love your breasts? Our fascination with the female breast is strong. They are the butt of many jokes, the desire of many men and their health the obsession of many women. The female breast is revered which most likely starts in infancy; after all it is also our first source of sustenance. This fact alone makes women’s breast health a number one concern for many. But do you love your breasts?

Are they too big? Or maybe they are too small? Have they held up over time? Or do they need a little help? In many respects women’s breast health starts by first simply loving what you have.

Tips for women’s breast health include:

  • Practice monthly self breast exams. Gently massage the breast tissue looking for small, hard lumps that weren’t there the month before. If you find anything unusual, schedule a follow up with your doctor immediately.
  • Visit your doctor regularly. Make sure to schedule your annual visit to the gynecologist for your regular check-up to complete your yearly pap smear and have a more thorough breast exam performed by your doctor.
  • Embrace the mammogram. Don’t put it off, don’t be afraid. When it is your time for the mammogram, embrace it. There is no fooling, it will pinch, it will be uncomfortable, but it will be a lot quicker than you might expect and any discomfort will go away quickly.


The above tips are all very important parts of every woman’s breast health plan. As easy as it is to get caught up in the aesthetics of your bust line; the pros and cons of plastic surgery, the latest and greatest in lingerie, make sure you love your breasts the best way you can and treat them to a regular check up.

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