Good Food Choices for Good Breast Health

Breast HealthThere is a lot of debate out there right now regarding the best course of action to ensure proper breast health. For example, the great debate over when is the right time to start regular mammograms. We find ourselves confused by both the lack of as well as the amount of information out there. The one thing everyone is in agreement over is the need to ensure our personal course regarding breast health is the best to reduce our chances of developing breast cancer. Along these lines, let’s take a look at what you can do with regards to your diet that will help to reduce your chances.

Good Breast Health Food Choices

Choose Your Vegetables Wisely – There are a group of vegetables referred to as brassiacs that are full of phytochemicals or indoles and sulforaphane that help to increase the body’s ability to neutralize potential toxins or carcinogens commonly linked to cancer. This groups of vegetables includes broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and collard greens and are also high in antioxidant vitamins such as A, B and E as well fiber. To enjoy the full effects of these health saving vitamins and minerals, choose your preparation method wisely. They are delectable raw with low-fat dip, however, if you don’t like the taste of raw veggies, trying sautéing them or blanching them instead. To blanch, drop the vegetables into boiling water for a minute and then quickly plunge then into ice water and serve.

Fill up on Berry Good Fruits – There is a lot of common sense to proper breast health. The same antioxidants found in the brassiacs vegetables can also be found in your favorite berries. Full of vitamin C and fiber, they also contain phenols or powerful antioxidants also responsible for the berries rich color. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries can be enjoyed raw, in cereal and yogurt, in your favorite smoothie and even as a nice added touch to dinner salads.

Don’t Forget the Oranges – Just like berries, oranges contain vitamin C, not only an antioxidant, but also a well-known trick to keep your immune system working properly. Oranges also contain limonoids, a powerful anticarcinogen. Oranges, as well as other citrus fruits, can be beneficial to your breast health as a drink, or if you prefer a little extra fiber in your diet, as a snack.

Make Sure to get Your Vitamin D – A 2009 study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention showed that Vitamin D levels were inversely associated with the risk of breast cancer: the lower the Vitamin D level, the higher the risk of breast cancer. A great supplement for your breast health is vitamin D, as well as fatty acids, oily fish also contain omega 3 fatty acids. Minimize mercury exposure by concentrated on fish that are lower on the food chain such as sardines, anchovies and herring.


Ensuring proper breast health is a major commitment. It requires smart lifestyle choices; proper sleep, proper diet, regular exercise and anxiety management are very important. Do your research and find what ways you can incorporate into your lifestyle to ensure your breast health is as good as it can be.

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