Consider Your Whole Self When it Comes to Breast Health

breast_health_awareness_logoAdvice: Support Your Whole Self in Decision Making About Your Breasts

Breasts are sacred, and the way that we are able to provide food for our newborn babies. Many women identify with their breasts in very different ways. When considering cosmetic breast surgery, consider the following information:

  • Breast reconstruction is often used for women who have lost a breast from cancer. If you have not lost a breast, but are simply seeking more symmetry or comfort with your breast size, that is valid. 
  • We are women, and should be supported in the ways that make us feel most comfortable. Simply consider the serious implications of a surgical procedure regarding anesthesia, nerve damage, trauma to the body, rejection of the implant, post-surgical issues with lymph, muscles or wound healing.

Breasts can be an important part of a woman’s identity, but not more important than the whole picture of health and wellness of your body. Make sure you research the broad reaching impacts of all of the factors involved in a surgical procedure to confirm that you are comfortable taking every risk while still honoring your precious being and body.

— Jessica Stone Baker, BA, AOS, NCTMB, RMT, RYT, Nama Ayurvedic Practitioner, The Mindful Body

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