Can Your Bra Cause Cancer?

Breast HealthAs odd as this may sound; there is some debate out there over whether the use of a bra may influence the development of breast cancer. Now, while it may still be too early to make the statement that your bra causes cancer; you might be interested to know that your bra may be having an effect on your overall breast health.

Your breast health includes the health of your lymphatic system and there is one theory that chemical toxins may have a direct correlation to the development of cancer in the breast. Therefore, an unhealthy lymphatic system in the breast that is accumulating toxins may contribute to the formation of breast cancer cells. So how does your bra affect the health of the lymphatic system?
In theory this argument states that poisons in your breast tissue that are normally flushed out by clear fluid into the large clusters of lymph nodes in the armpits and upper chest are impeded by your bra; that when these lymphatic vessels are compromised by the brassiere they become very thin and sensitive to pressure and can compress impeding the flow of these toxins out of the breast tissue. The argument is that the bra constricts the “natural flow of things” compromising your breast health.
The lymphatic argument suggests that even minimal pressure over a long period of time can cause lymph valves and vessels to close. That the use of a bra over several years will lead to blockages within the lymphatic system that will cause a lack of oxygen flow, fewer nutrients and an increase in waste products that will eventually result in breast cancer. The breast health research backing this claim is primarily that under-developed countries where women are oftentimes “braless” also have a lower rate of breast cancer.
In an attempt to discover the secrets of breast cancer, various hypotheses come and go. This particular one, while logical to a certain extent is not backed by solid empirical evidence. An interesting social observation regarding breast health, it just doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. In underdeveloped countries you also find less risk factors in women. These women have children earlier, breast feeding is a necessity not an option, they exercise more and have lower morbidity rates, eat fewer preservatives, drink more water and have a tendency to succumb to other health issues long before breast cancer catches up with them.
In the search for better breast health all possibilities should be researched, even those that some feel are a bit farfetched. As fun as it is to review and poke holes in some of these theories, if scientists had evidence to support this theory, we would all be burning our bras again.

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