Can Vitamin D Support Breast Health? Part III of III

Breast Vitamin DThrough continuous research on whether vitamin D can support breast health, it has been demonstrated that Vitamin D pills are also used to decrease the ability of breast cells to divide, stops tumor cells from growing, prevents new blood vessels from growing into a tumor, and also kills tumor cells. On top of this, it has also been proved that this can be used successfully as a means of boosting your immune system.

It is due to factors such as the above that US scientists claim high doses of vitamin D pills can reduce the risk of developing some common cancers, including breast cancer, by as much as 50%. These are staggering results, ones that shouldn’t be ignored! These results basically backup various studies that have been conducted that demonstrate if a person has sufficient levels of vitamin D, they have a considerably lower risk of developing cancer when compared to people with lower levels of said vitamin.

During research that was carried out by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, it was discovered that in all cancer patients, vitamin D deficiency was present. However it is said that as little as fifteen minutes of sunlight a day is enough vitamin D to reduce your risk of cancer by as much as 40%. On top of this you also have the option of gaining this vitamin from sources that include salmon, sardines, shrimp, milk, cod, and eggs.

Although the research that surrounds the use of vitamin D pills in terms of reducing your chance of gaining breast cancer is still ongoing, you can clearly see from the above there is a substantial amount of information already available to you; there is already a substantial amount of results from research that demonstrates the difference that vitamin D can make to your life in regards to keeping breast cancer at bay.

As I mentioned earlier, with all of the aspects that are supposed to be good and bad for us where your breast health is concerned it is hard to distinguish facts from fiction, which is why it is important to focus on the evidence. There is clearly evidence that suggests breast cancer can be helped through the use of vitamin D.  With this in mind, I highly recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor to decide how best to alter your diet etc. so the inclusion of vitamin D fits nicely into it; especially as it could be just the thing to keep you from risk.

In summary, U.S. scientists have actually found vitamin D pills can reduce certain cancers, like breast cancer, by up to 50%. However, don’t overdo it!  Excess vitamin D can have toxic side effects. Only 15 minutes of direct sunlight provides all that’s needed.

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