Botanical Glossary – Weight Loss / Nutrition

Weight Loss / Nutrition Glossary of Terms

Item Description
Alfalfa Extract Aids Digestion
Aloe Vera Aids Digestion, Topical Moisturizer
Andrographis Paniculata Helps Stimulate Immune System
Arabaniogalactan Supports Immune System
Ashwaganda Relaxation and General Anti-Stress Benefits
Arnica Soothes
Astragalus Classic Energy Tonic, Helps Stimulate Immune System
Banaba Helps Maintain Already Healthy Blood Sugar
Bilberry Helps Strengthen Capillaries
Black Cohosh Helps Support Menopausal Symptoms
Blue-Green Algae Helps Support Elimination, Digestion, and Nutrient Assimilation
Boswellia Serrata Soothes
Buckthorn Natural Laxative
Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract Conditioner
Burdock Helps with Systematic Imbalances, Helps Promote Kidney Function
Butcher’s Broom Anti-Inflammatory, Constricts Veins
Calendula Topical Anti-Inflammatory
Capsaicin Topical Anti-Inflammatory
Cascara Sagrada Aids Digestion
Cayenne Helps Increase Circulation and Metabolism
Chamomile Topically Helps Soothe Skin; Internally Helps Relieve Indigestion
Chlorella Vulgaris Extract Helps Contour Appearance of Skin
Chlorella (Japanese Cracked Shell) Cleanses Bowels
Chrysanthellis Helps Stimulate Lipolysis
Cissus Quadrangularis Helps Support Bones
Clover Topical Antioxidant
Codonopsis Helps Increase Energy Levels, Helps the Body Adapt to Stress
Coleus Forskohlli Helps Stimulate Lipolysis (breakdown of fat)
Couch Grass Helps Remove Toxins
Dandelion Helps Support the Liver and Gallbladder to Eliminate Waste
Echinacea Angstifolia Purpurea Helps Strengthen Immune System
Elderberry Helps Support Immune System
Esculin Soothes

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