Botanical Glossary – Skin Care / Body Care / Color

Item Description
Alfalfa Extract Conditioner
Algae Extract Emollient
Aleo Vera Extract Moisturizer, Emollient
Althaea Extract Smoothes, Helps Enhance Appearance of Skin
Angelica Extract Helps Enhance Appearance of Skin
Apple Extract Exfoliates
Arnica Extract Soothes, Helps Enhance Appearance of Skin
Ascorbyl Palmitate Antioxidant
Avocado Oil Softens The Appearance of Skin
Balm Mint Extract Aromatic Agent
Bergamot Oil Aromatic Agent, Refreshes
Betula Extract Conditioner
Birch Leaf Extract Conditioner
Bisabolol Conditioner, Helps Enhance Appearance of Skin
Borage Seed Oil Emollient, Moisturizer
Bladderwrack Extract Soothes
Buckwheat Seed Extract Minimizes The Appearance of Puffiness
Burdock Root Extract Conditioner
Butcher’s Broom Conditioner
Calendula Extract Conditioner
Camellia Oil Emollient
Caramel Colorant
Carrageenan Extract Emollient
Carrot Extract Smoothes and Tones Appearance of Skin
Castor Oil Conditioner, Emollient
Cedarwood Aromatic Agent, Comforts, Harmonizing Properties
Chamomile Extract Calms, Moisturizes
Chamomile Oil Aromatic Agent
Chapparal Extract Moisturizer
Chaste Tree Berry Extract Cools, Tingling Sensation
Cinnamon Bark Aromatic
Citrus Extract Acidifier, pH Adjuster
Clover Blossom Extract Astringent

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