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It is always exciting when quality fashion is combined with a good cause.  That’s why we instantly fell in love with the new fashion line by Project Save Our Surf.  Learn what they are doing for the environment AND their local community and how you can help just by looking good!

ECO Friendly Fashion

Okay, I’ll admit I’m becoming an ECO ADDICT. As my new PSOS Haute line is being created for our big ECO-FASION NIGHT OUT runway bash in July, every day has become a new journey of discovering how junk can be made into beautiful gowns! I have all these incredible fabric swatches all over my office – beautiful colors, textures, patterns ­–
and they all come from plastic bottles and plastic refuse that has been melted down and made into stunning fabric!

Our newest PSOS t-shirts, (which you can purchase at are very cute tees for the girls in a Long Sleeve V-neck and Pony Backless Tee – which are made from the softest reused plastic material. Bobby Lipton, our designer, has made these hip tees with our sunny and surfery ‘conSURFvation’ logo. The best part is that not only are you wearing these comfy tees you are actually reducing waste and reducing your carbon footprint, but also knowing that all the proceeds from these t-shirts go to kids scholarships to an outdoor camp this summer!

CAMP PSOS 2012 in July and August will help sixty inner city and underprivileged children to go camp in the California wilderness: hike, make crafts out of junk, be one on one with lizards, snakes, animals (don’t worry the camp counselors are brilliant!) …And experience why we need to preserve our precious resources through having their own heartfelt hands on interaction with the ethos rather than learning through a one-dimensional textbook.

Four of these adorable tees send one child to camp. 4 TEES = 1 KID SCHOLARSHIP TO PSOS CAMP! I couldn’t be more excited that protecting our earth and continuing to educate our youth about conservation could be so cute and fashionable! As a founder of non-profit SAVE OUR SURF, I believe that attitudes toward ecological change can create just as powerful results if we go about our job with almost a playful attitude, and I’m gaga over our t-shirts and the children who will experience Camp PSOS – I can’t wait to see the ecosystems unfold through their eyes!

Wanna buy a t-shirt?

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