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Beauty Secrets and TipsWe have three great beauty secrets and tips straight from the professionals. Here they are:

Tip #1 – Celebrity Beauty Tips

My favorite tip is to use a silica gel for hydration before your favorite moisturizer or used as a masque. A bio-available silica gel like Orgono’s Living Silica is the best, it strengthens the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin, protects skin from free radical damage and glycation, which creates tough, inflexible connective tissue (which is what skin is), takes down inflammation, and offers DEEP Hydration that leads to faster skin healing. Silica is what makes bamboo so strong yet flexible.

Kimberly Cole – Celebrity Facialist from La Luna Skin and Body Therapy –

Tip # 2 – Shortcut to Fabulous Bare Legs

Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs gives you flawless legs that make you look toned and tanned in less than five minutes. All you need to do is apply the product to your legs by shaking the can well, spraying the product into hands and applying it to your legs, blending carefully around knees and ankles. More coats equal more coverage and a deeper glow. Voila…perfectly tanned and flawless legs! The picture perfect glow lasts all day and washes off in the shower.

Lori Riviere –

Tip # 3 – Sweat Yourself Beautiful

According to dermatologists, new research shows you should use a specialized cleanser after a workout. You need to go beyond the surface and get deeper into pores to remove bacteria (found in sweat), and oil. Harsh synthetic chemicals can dry skin by stripping necessary oil that works as a natural emollient. A certified, organic post workout cleanser also used by professional fitness models is the Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser. The cleanser uses an intelligent array of botanicals that are naturally antimicrobial, killing bacteria causing acne in sweat, natural astringents and expensive herbs that work to keep skin soft from repeated cleansing. Your body naturally rids itself of toxins via sweat. Before a workout, apply a small amount of the Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum for topical use. It detoxes the waste in sweat and feeds the skin topical antioxidant into your pores that open naturally during exercise to expel sweat. After every cleanse, always apply a moisturizer to your skin even if oily. Use a light moisturizer for skin that tends to be acne prone or oily, or a moisturizer for dry skin that won’t clog pores. Even dry skin can have breakouts. If you don’t keep an adequate level of moister for the skin, it goes into a panic mode by stimulating the sebaceous glands producing more oil, thus leading to possible breakouts.

Sandy Alcide – Athlete Skin Care Consultant – Founder Motion Medica Skin Care – President of The American Athletic Skin Care Association –,,

I’d like to thank Kimberly, Lori, and Sandy for their great tips!

If you have your own beauty secrets and tips, we’d love to hear them so please share them with us!