Tanna Frederick Presents First Eco Goody Award to The Blu

I had the honor of presenting the first Eco Goody Award to The Blu. Liz Kelly, founder of The Goody Awards, is a genius for putting attention on a lot of positive things that are happening. Most of what we see in the news is about crime, corruption and death. It’s people like Liz who bring a refreshing and much-needed look at people and companies like The Blu who are educating us, fascinating us and giving us life-affirming look at something we don’t normally see and making us want to join in making “good news”.

Richard Taylor, who accepted the award, is one of the designers of The Blu – a stunning 3-D animated ocean. Children need positive role models, people who are creating things that will help to make the world a better place. It is of paramount importance that children today have access to
knowledge of our oceans and their delicate and disappearing ecosystems. But the crucial bit is that the learning process must be fun and fascinating to keep up with the technological availability our racing society presents them.

What the Blu provides is genius…Here is a group of virtual ecological masterminds who have combined not only the most entertaining program to literally ‘dive’ into-with the exacting simulation of fishes’, dolphins, sharks, and whales’ movements and migratory habits and behaviors…but for the expanding population who cannot either afford to see these substratas of the ocean’s depth or simply do not have access to the underwater
ecologies because of the danger to those already disappearing and threatened marine life – for both these cases the Blu gives us the opportunity to learn to conserve because the programs provide a personal and emotional attachment to a world which is otherwise unavailable but is nonetheless crucial to our human existence.

I have never seen such a brilliant and desperately needed program as The Blu – and it’s accessible not just to the elite, but to everyone – children and adults, and it is mesmerizing. I dare anyone to try to pull themselves away from it.

Tanna Frederick, Project Save Our Surf

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