Top Ten Tips to be Sexy Over 40

Women hit a certain age and start to notice our bodies changing in a way they never have before.  What was once easy to maintain, now becomes something we must work for.  This doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel!  Sexy over 40 can come with ease if we know how to draw attention to our best assets and down play the areas we don’t love quite as much.

Learn the top ten tips for being sexy over 40:

Top Ten Tips for Looking Wow Now!

Here are my top 10 tips for looking awesome after 40:

1. Wear clothes that fit your current body shape.

2. Wear well-made undergarments, including body shapers; your clothes will fit better.

3. Wear colors that enhance your eye color. Draw attention to your best features.

4. If you want to create the illusion of more height use length and lines. Jacket and top lengths should draw the eye to the waist and upper hip. Pants should come to the ankle or upper sole. Shoes shapes should be oval or pointed.

5. Highlight your best features with accessories. Big bracelets at the wrist, big earrings to draw the eye up towards your face, or trendy handbags are great eye appeal and avoid problem areas (hips, abs, etc.)

6. Wear more color, less black.

7. Wear textures and patterns to highlight best features; solids to minimize challenging areas.

8. Wear comfortable shoes. Nothing looks worse than a painful, wobbly stride.

9. Look sexy and classy. Let a camisole peek out from under a jacket. Wear bold lipstick and subdued eye makeup.

10. Last but not least: A great haircut and product that creates shine is the best accessory you can take anywhere!

Denise Levine, Owner, Outside In Organizer and Makeovers

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