Style Advice 3 Ways!

Style AdviceStyle advice has to be more than just research and buying the latest beauty care supplies and we’ll show you how to accomplish. 

3 Important Style Advice Tips

  • Eat Lean – A graceful body has toned muscles and great balance, both of which make you look and feel light on your feet. Here are bites that do it all:

    • Sip kefir – It’s the perfect drink to make you fell lean. Kefir is a milk-and-yogurt hybrid that’s packed with probiotics, friendly bacteria that help fight bloating and gas. It’s also a protein powerhouse. 
    • Slice up an apple – People who eat water-rich foods like apples (and cucumbers and grapefruit) tend to have small waistlines and lower BMIs, according to a study in Nutrition.
    • Serve Shrimp – This crustacean is low in fat and calories. It’s loaded with lean protein too, which helps you build tones muscles without adding bulk. Style advice starts with a healthy body.
  • Dress Elegant – When you think of grace, the fluid body of a dancer probably comes to mind. And wearing a dance-inspired frock made of a flowing fabric, like silk, gives you that lithe and ultra-feminine body. “Go for a dress with a fitted bodice for a slimmer silhouette – a sash helps cinch your waist even more, and a full skirt that moves as you walk or dance,” says a fashion stylist. A scoop neckline and think delicate straps play up your shoulders and neck, contributing to the floating-on-air effect.
  • Move Strong – Get long and lean. Strengthen your core while increasing balance, coordination, length, and flexibility with this exercise from an owner of a Pilates studio. Lie on your left side with legs extended, left elbow under your shoulder, and left forearm pressed to a mat. Engage your core and lift your hips up to a side plank, creating a long line from head to heels. Sweep your right arm out and up toward the ceiling. Then lower onto your left hip, bend your knees, and sweep your left hand overhead to the right, creating a long side bend. Return to side plank position to begin the next rep. Do 3-5 reps per side, 3 times a week.


Now you have the 3 style advice tips that put you way past the benefits of just beauty care supplies. Eating lean, dressing elegantly, and moving strong will help you look younger, feel better, and stay healthy. Style advice tips come and go, but stick with the basics for a lifetime advantage.

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