Simply Sexy Over 40

Being sexy over 40 doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t mean you have to be up-to-date on all the latest and greatest trends. Keep it simple by sticking to time-tested fashion staples you already have in your closet. Pair your outer threads with an inner beauty and your sexiness will shine through to everyone you encounter.

Learn how to add flare to your existing wardrobe by implementing the following beauty tips and secrets from our expert contributors:

Boots + Tights = Subtly Sexy

Wearing patterned or colorful tights with boots is a subtle way of looking sexy and fashionable at work or play. Pair a conservative pencil skirt, simple blouse with a pair of back seam tights and your favorite sleek boots for a classic look that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Add a fitted cardigan and skinny belt if it gets chilly.

Any age can wear tights without feeling self-conscious. I’m a bit conservative and I love the way they look.   Go ahead and experiment with your tights but keep the rest of your outfit simple and sophisticated and you will knock them dead.

— Shelby Mason, Founder/CEO, Leg Up, LLC

Keep it Simple to be Sexy

I am a real women over 40 and I think nothing is sexier on a women then a plain t-shirt and jeans – it’s that simple. You can never look silly and it always keeps you looking relevant.  Make sure you update your collection of jeans in your closet…  no pulling out the old Style Library for more tips, advice and instructions for dressing, feeling and acting sexy!

Healthy is Sexy

A healthy body is a sexy body. If you take time to exercise – even walking is good – and eat correctly, you are on your way to having a strong and sexy body.

Try to develop a true zest and optimism for life. When you are interested in many things and are well read and knowledgeable on many subjects, you will exude attractiveness. Learn to ask interesting questions and focus on someone else. In other words present your best self, and then forget yourself.

— Tica Tallent

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