Showcase Your Best Features to be Sexy Over 40

There are plenty of advantages to being over 40.  We have lived a little and know a few things, let’s use that to our advantage.  Self confidence is the key to being sexy at any age.  So to be sexy over 40, exude confidence by showing off your best assets and underplay the ones you don’t love so much.  Learn how our expert contributor, Lisa McDonald, suggests you do just that.

Love What Your Momma Gave You

Entering into our 40s definitely holds advantages – we are more confident, established and familiar with who we are, what we can do and what we will – and will not – accept. It is the time that we should take stock of our fabulous features and supposed “challenges”.

I receive numerous compliments about how I dress, look and carry myself because I play up my strengths and minimize my challenges. The first step was to stop worrying about what I do not have and love what I’ve got. For example:

Have: a tiny 5 foot, petite frame, tiny waist, long shapely legs and a vibrant, white shiny smile (which I paid a lot for!).

Challenges: a very short torso, small breasts and no junk in the trunk – I barely have a trunk!

My ensembles consist of skirts, fitted pants or skinny jeans and heels to show off my legs; a chunky piece of jewelry or scarf to bring attention to my face and smile; and sweaters/shirts that are tailored to my waist but fall to right above my hips to show off my waist while countering the short torso. This combination highlights my best assets and draws attention away from what I do not want others to notice.

Tailoring is key! It ensures that your features are highlighted while still being able to move comfortably in your cloths. Skin tight is not sexy nor subtle and it sends the wrong message. Try to establish an overall look and not a blazing billboard for one feature.

Accent the positive and forget about the challenges. Nothing is sexier than a woman who is comfortable with her body. What can really knock them dead is a woman who is confident in her assets and her look.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW, Career Coach & Strategist, Career Polish, Inc.

What is your favorite asset and how do you accent it through your fashion choices?
What is your least favorite asset and how do you down play it through your fashion choices?

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