Sexy Over 40 in Every Role

When we reach a certain age it is sometimes difficult to fit into the balance we are continually shuffling, the role of Mom, career woman, and lover, to name a few.  It’s about adapting our wardrobe to these various roles to be sexy over 40.  Here are a few suggestions from our experts that will help you make these transitions appear effortless.

Hire Help

If you are unsure of what to wear to look sexy, or corporate, or like a mum due to size or age, you may want to consider investing in an Image Consultant. These wonderful women can save you so much time, effort and money. The compliments that follow years afterwards are worth the investment

Robyn Atkins, Property Mentor/ Community Supporter, Magic Mosaics International

Wear Versatile Clothing

Leggings are an easy way to re-vamp your wardrobe and one of the hottest looks this season! Paired with a big chunky sweater, a belted tunic or skirt, leggings are not only fashionable, but comfortable. No nonsense, a brand known in the past for pantyhose, has just launched a line of leggings (including skinny jeans and corduroy!) that make style easy.

Andrea Angelo, Director of Marketing, No nonsense

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