Sexy Over 40: Avoiding the Cougar Label

It can be difficult to find the balance in being sexy over 40.  Many of us are finally able to take some time for ourselves and get back in shape, or we are finally comfortable with ourselves and confident in our own skin, and we want to flaunt it.  But, now that we are over 40…  the rules have changed.

If we’re not careful we run the risk of skipping past sexy over 40, straight to full on Cougar.  Here are a few fashion tips from our panel of expert contributors that will help you tone down your look enough to heat things up.

How to Purr Like a Kitten and Not Prowl Like a Cougar

Anyone over the age of 25 should not be wearing head to toe animal print. Unfortunately the term cougar associates with animal print, but if you love it, you should be able to wear it at any age, right? Of course!!

I will give you a few ways to wear animal print without it aging you. Wearing animal printed accessories is key. It is just a splash of the print that can take a basic black dress for example and create that edge you are looking for. Try animal print shoes, belts, purses, gloves or scarves.

Also be wary of the colour intensity of the animal print as some of the bright intensities look “cheap”. A great muted animal print cardi or skirt is also a great way to do the print.

Experimenting is key, have fun with it!

Amanda Coles, Wardrobe stylist & fashion expert, Styled Silhouettes

The 3 Most Important Fashion Tips for Women Over 40:

Sizing Matters:  Clothes that are too tight or too over-sized are a major faux pas! Take time to find clothes that are a good fit and appealing for your body shape. If you’re like me, heavier on the bottom, you may have to mix & match your ensembles to get your best fit.

It’s All Ablaze:  I also recommend adding 2 or 3 really nice blazers to your wardrobe. A well-fitting, stylish red or black blazer over a classy & sexy blouse helps you to dress-up whiling covering up some of your more abundant assets.

Accessorize:  Lastly, the right accessories, lip color and fragrance can give every woman an enhanced appearance and greater sex appeal.

Val, Chief Facilitator, Conversations with V!



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