In Style Hair Makeover For Women Over 50!

Hair and Beauty TipsAs we age our hair and beauty tips change. While it’s hard for many of us to convert to different styles, it’s another phase of life that we learn to live with. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done gracefully.

Andie McDowell is an example of someone who has aged with grace and can still wear that long hair style. At 53 years old, she looks as gorgeous as ever and has recently joined the cast in the remake of the movie Footloose.

The Best Hair and Beauty Tips For Women Over 50

Texture – The texture of your hair should stay uniform to create the best hairstyle for you. To maintain your texture, the use of a moisturizer is recommended as it will help keep the hair soft and hydrated.

Color – As we all know, when we age our hair turns gray. When dealing with gray hair styles, it’s essential to make the hair look more natural while the gray is blended away. This can be achieved by blending the gray with lighter colors instead of dark, which results in the gray appearing as highlights of the hair.

Flattering – This refers to the overall cut and style of the hair. This category will help minimize signs of aging. Emulating younger hair styles does not work for older women as it makes them look ever older. The hair style should be adjusted to compensate at least one or two years younger.

Click here for a couple short trendy gray hair styles for women over 50!

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