How To Rock Your Sexy Self

Are you looking for the best tips to help you be sexy over 40?  Are you reading all the celebrity gossip and style magazines, hoping to pick up on the one gem of advice that will solve all your style issues?  Yes, I’ve been there.  At one point in my life, I could only purchase an outfit displayed beautifully on a mannequin.  This way, it didn’t take any effort from me at all.  Unfortunately, it didn’t add any of my personality to my wardrobe either, which left me feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Try using the following tips from our panel of experts when finding YOUR style.  Then, you will rock your sexy everywhere you go.

Follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simply Sexy!

Let’s get one thing straight.  Sexy is not super low cut, short, or tight. Sexy is all about keeping it simple, a garment skimming your body and showing your curves at their best. When you wear clothing that is too tight or too short or low cut you look like you are trying to look younger. Make sure that the garment fits properly and that you are able to move comfortably.

Wear clothing that enhances your best feature. If you have great legs wear a shorter skirt, but remember to expose only one body part at time. You have a great decolletage.  Do show it off with a sweetheart neckline or a v-neck.  Shoulders are a sexy spot for all women and an off the shoulder top looks amazing on most everyone.

Stay in trend but don’t be trendy. Do not be afraid of color, especially the color red. The right red can make you look hot and turn heads in a crowded room full of 20 something models.

Lastly, the one thing that makes any woman sexy is confidence. Know your body and love your body. Discover yourself and your style, love yourself and you are instantly sexy.

Monica Diaz, Fashion consultant/image curator, Monica Diaz Mode


Sexy is a Feeling, Not a Look

Dressing sexy means being elegant, aloof, mysterious….. In my opinion classic lines with quality fabrics are best no matter what the occasion. The most sexy of all is a great fit! If you are lucky enough to find someone who can design something for your body shape, put them to work and have them create your wardrobe.

“Less is more” is so true, the less skin a woman shows the more is left to the imagination and boy it can work overtime! With just a hint of skin here and a bit of leg there every woman can look, but more importantly, feel sexy and hot! Too much skin just looks trashy and common. In the end dressing sexy is not about the garments, it’s more about the feeling; if you feel sexy, you are sexy.

Maria Calautti, Founder of Canadian Division, Le Grand Chic Italia School of Fashion

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