How to Be Subtly Sexy Over 40

Dressing sexy over 40 isn’t about showing off the most skin, wearing the most animal print, or sporting the dress that shimmers the most on the rack.  No.  In fact, the more you can downplay these items the better.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include them in your wardrobe!  NO!  In fact, use them wisely and to your advantage by showcasing one accessory at a time.

Learn how to be subtly sexy from our experts using their tips below.

Dressing Sexy (Not Sleazy) After 40.

Avoid too much glitz. If you love bling, keep it to a minimum or you run the risk of looking cheap.

Avoid Over-exposure or “TMI…too much information”.  Clothes that are too tight will also send a cheap or “trying too hard” message. Reveal what is your best feature, but don’t overdo it. For instance, if your legs look fantastic it’s not necessary to wear a skirt that turns bending over into a peep show. Knee length or just above is just as sexy.

The quality of your clothes should get better as you age.  Avoid too thin or cheesy fabrics.

Avoid outfits that are specifically “young” as opposed to looking simply “youthful”.

Sherrie Mathieson, Style Consultant/Expert/Author 


Make it Intuitive,Not Obviious

Sexy is not low cut and tight. Sexy is being confident and making it subtle.

Great posture and genuine smiles.

Great haircut, great make-up and clothes that fit.

Show some skin, but don’t overdo it.

Play up your best features.

If you don’t know how to do this, check out magazines. Look for clothes that say, “What? Oh, this is sexy? I didn’t realize…” ( But you secretly did!) These clothes are the ones that fit well, show off your body in the most flattering way and are not too conservative.

Diana Fletcher, Life Coach and Writer, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching

How do you play up your best feature to achieve your subtly sexy look?

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