Dress for Your Personality – Not Your Age

I am constantly asking experts and real women to share their best tips for staying sexy over 40. Sometimes I get long lists of "dos" and "don'ts" and sometimes I get tips like this one from Jill Chivers:

Dress for Your Personality

I love this tip! Hear what Jill has to say about personalities and how to bring out your unique charm and exude a sexy vibe by choosing the right clothes:

Jill's Advice

One key secret to looking and feeling sexy is to dress for who you are – your unique personality, and NOT according to the fashions being flaunted in magazines and other media.

You can weave in an on-trend item to your look, sure. But don't overhaul your style every time the seasons, and stock in stores, change.

The key to being able to do this is to determine your personal, signature style – and develop a working wardrobe around that.

To stop you from slipping into a stodgy, static style – weave in some items from current fashion trends to keep your look fresh and interesting. All this may take is one or two key pieces are added per season (or year).

Sexy women know that true style starts from within. It's visible from the outside, yes – but its genesis is from knowing who you are and having the confidence to express that in what you wear. Dressing for your unique personality and developing a signature style is one great to way look, and feel, beautiful and sexy – at any age.

I really loved this tip – thanks, Jill!

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