Don’t Look for Sexy in Your Daughter’s Closet

Now that we are women over 40, sexy may look a little different than it did when we were in our twentys.  While we recognize the same keen fashion sense we did then in our younger counterparts, it does not mean we should follow the same slinky trends.

Ladies, sexy over 40 does NOT mean dressing like your daughter and her friends.  Leave the scantily clad, just-covers-your-bum, low-cut dresses in their closet and opt for something with more sophistication.  Just because there is a store named Forever 21, doesn’t mean that we really are forever 21.  Confusing, right?

Our expert contributors have supplied us with the following timeless fashion advice that will make a sexy statement and have you turning heads.

Take a Dress for a Spin

Dresses give a mature woman that sexy confident allure. Pick a style that flatters your figure and a color that brings out your complexion. Make sure that the length compliments your legs. Try a solid color dress and accessorize with fun jewelry and maybe a belt. Of course, the final touch is the perfect pair of shoes that looks good and are comfortable. Dresses are a timeless fashion statement. We have worn them since we were little girls. But now that we are ladies, we know how to rock them.

Valante Grant, Creative Director, The byDesign Network

Sophistication Reigns

Always opt for sophistication, not cute. Women over forty look best wearing clothes that younger women can’t wear: large statement jewelry, a fabulous handbag, exquisite fabrics. Go for quality and tailoring and ALWAYS wear the skirt length that flatters your body type. Interpret trends in an elegant way and don’t do what your teen age daughter does! You can’t look twenty forever, but you can always look fresh, modern, and sexy.

Eve Michaels, Internationally Acclaimed Transformational Makeover Expert

Still Sexy Over 40

1) Wear fitted, not tight clothing.

2) Pick fitted, sheeth dresses that have good fabric and are lined. This will make you look sexy but not like a sorority girl.

3) Show your figure, not your skin. After 40, a long, tight pencil skirt is much sexier than a mini. If you wear a mini, you’ll end up looking like you raided your daughter’s closet.

4) For a bold and sexy look, go for black leather. (Again, avoid showing too much skin.)

Athelia Woolley, Owner, Shabby Apple

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