Defy the Stereotypes and Be Typically Sexy Over 40

One of the biggest stereotypes we all wear at different stages of our life is our age.  In our early twenties we bear the stereotype of inexperience.  In our late twenties to mid-thirties women often take on the new role as wife and maybe even Mom.

Now as we come into our forties we are stereotyped yet again. Except this time, we have experience and a bit of freedom from young babes on our side and can defy any label thrown at us.  Learn these simple tips to make sexy typical in your 40’s.

Making Dead Sexy over 40 – Dead Simple!

So … in my experience as a woman, your forties are one of the best times of your life. Feeling sexy comes from within and is about self-esteem, self-confidence, loving yourself, acceptance for who and what you are and not wearing other peoples labels!

But a little help never goes astray so to dress and look sexy after 40 …

Stand up straight!

Posture is King, or in this case, Queen. Stand tall, head up, shoulders down. You will add inches to your height and take years off your age by simply standing tall! Walk straight and clean; don’t scuff your feet or slop.

Use a smaller bag.

Big bags containing everything but the kitchen sink make you look wider at the waist and in the hip area. A big bag can also cause you to slouch … which makes you look tired.

Remember the golden rule:

Fitted is fabulous, tight is tacky. Don’t wear something that is fashionable unless it really looks great on you . Avoid loose, baggy clothes and anything over-sized. Select clothes that have shape and are nipped in at the waist, or skim your body.

Wear shoes with a heel.

Wear a heel with skirts, dresses, leggings, pants, and the rest. They will make you look taller, slimmer and more youthful.


Penelope Whiteley, The Expert, Aging Disgracefully

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