Crop Tops: Bringing Back Modern Versions of Past Trends

This summer season try bringing back a daring trend!  Gianna Froccaro from noticed crop tops were all the rage on the runways this year.  Learn how to wear them effectively for a look that is subtly seductive.

Crop Tops and Full Skirts!

The best look this spring/summer season is the crop top with a full skirt. Crop tops work for women with tougher bodies to dress because they are only meant to show off a small sliver of skin at the smallest part of the body- around the ribcage. This look is flattering, yet sexy.

Gianna Froccaro writes in an article on

“While cropped tops may seem like a tricky trend to adopt (let’s face it, they’re not exactly universally flattering), if you’re brave enough to take them on, you’d do well to take some inspired tips from the catwalk.

  • Note, for instance, that these tops were paired with skirts almost entirely across the board — in silhouettes ranging from slim, knee-length pencil versions and fuller, more feminine types to dramatic maxi column styles, and in a variety of prints and colors.
  • Also, in what will be good news for those of us who aren’t quite yet working with six-pack abs, most designers opted to only expose a small sliver of skin, starting at the ribcage and ending above the belly button, by tempering crop tops and bustiers with high-waisted bottoms. By eliminating the potential for navel-gazing (or full-on leering), a subtle slice of bared skin is a mere suggestion, as opposed to a brazen come-on. 
  • Finally, this season’s tops are impeccably tailored and structural; they’re a far cry from the off-the-shoulder and oversized cutoff tees that have previously (and inexplicably) enjoyed their time in the sartorial spotlight.

By following these basic tenets, you should be able to proudly wear the trend without feeling the slightest bit self-conscious. What are you waiting for? Crop it like it’s hot.”

You can read Gianna’s full article here:  A Cut Above

Gianna Froccaro, Editor, Viral

What daring trends have you brought back into your wardrobe this season?  How have you modified them into a more modern version?

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