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A friend of mine who is a teacher recently told me a story about an intriguing perception from one of her students.  Her pupil said to her one day…  “Mrs. N, I can always tell what kind of a mood you’re in by the color of your lipstick.”  Surprised by this, Mrs. N quickly inquired, “How so?”  Her student replied, “If you wear dark lipstick you’re in a good mood and if you wear light lipstick you’re in a not-so-good mood.”  (smart kid!)

After contemplation, Mrs. N realized that this made a lot of sense.  When she’s having one of her harried mornings, rushing around the house, flying out the door, she will throw on a light colored lipstick that doesn’t require much attention.  If she is on her game and ready to take on the day, she is more apt to look in the mirror, apply her power color lipstick, and send herself off confidently.

Learn how our guest blogger suggests you do the same when choosing the color in your wardrobe.

It’s All About The Energy

Energy and color and style, are all packed into what you wear. If you want to feel sexy, wear red. It’s a fire, powerful color. You will feel powerful just because of the color.

Make sure the dress fits you well and shows your curves. Wear the right undergarments and you will project an energy of confidence and power.

Cherie Corso, Beauty Entrepreneur and Energy Healer, G2 Organics

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