Celebrity Beauty Style Advice Starts With Great Teeth!

Did you ever notice always starts with clean, white teeth? Style advice from almost any source talks about dental care as a basis for facial beauty. Good dental care is about more than just keeping your teeth and gums healthy. It’s about keeping your entire body healthy. According to experts, sometimes a problem in your mouth is a symptom of a problem elsewhere in your body such as heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis.

Dental Issues

Style advice documents if you let plaque build-up on your teeth, you may be putting yourself at risk for heart disease. Plaque on your teeth can result in inflammation in the body’s blood vessels and may lead to plaque buildup inside your arteries and a condition known as astherosclerosis. You never see a celebrity beauty with plaque build-up in their smile.
One sign that your blood sugar may be high, which can signal diabetes, is gum disease or frequent infections in your mouth. You may experience these same symptoms if you are diabetic and your blood sugar isn’t regulated properly.

Regular dental checkups and X-rays of your teeth and jaw may uncover bone loss, which could signal osteoporosis. By discovering bone loss early, you can talk to your doctor about ways to prevent it from getting worse. (As an aside, if you’re concerned about the effects of radiation from dental X-rays, know that the dose is extremely small, thanks to advances in dentistry.)

Basic Dental Style Advice

  • Ordinary toothbrushes are fine, but consider an electric toothbrush if you have arthritis.
  • Give your teeth an extra measure of protection with dental sealants, which coat the surface of the teeth.
  • If floss gets stuck between your teeth, try picks specially designed for teeth cleaning.
  • All toothpastes contain a mild abrasive to help clean your teeth, but try a whitening-toothpaste for a boost in removing surface stains.
  • Whitening strips and gels contain hydrogen peroxide to help with tooth whitening. While they are a more affordable alternative to dentist-supervised whitening systems, they don’t product the same results. Teeth whitening performed in the dentist’s office generally can make teeth 3-8 shades lighter.

Style Advice – Documents smokers are 6 times more likely than non-smokers to develop oral cancer, which includes cancers of the lips, tongue, cheek, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and throat. In addition to avoiding tobacco products, you can reduce your risk of oral cancer by drinking alcohol in moderation eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and limiting your sun exposure. When you are outdoors (summer or winter) be sure to slather your lips with a balm that contains sunscreen. Additionally during your routine dental visits, ask your dentist to perform an exam of your mouth specifically for oral cancer, particularly if you’re at high risk.
Eat Your Veggies – In between cleanings, you can reduce plaque buildup on your teeth by avoiding or limiting sugary snacks and instead choosing nutritious foods such as plain yogurt, cheese, fruit, or raw vegetables. Some vegetables (celery is a good example) help remove food from in between your teeth and also help your saliva to neutralize plaque-causing acids. 

Check In and Check Up – Everyone knows to brush their teeth at least twice a day (choose a soft-bristled toothbrush) and to floss at least daily. You also should be sure to visit your dentist or oral hygienist every six months. Why? Three reasons: (1) so that your dentist can check for health problems, including oral cancer, you might not see or feel; (2) so that signs of decay can be caught early and treated; and (3) so that your teeth can be professional cleaned.


We should all follow the example of our celebrity beauty stars and follow good dental hygiene. Style advice starts with great teeth. 

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