Beauty Advice for Different Beauty Styles

Get great beauty tips and secrets from the beauty styles of four Hollywood stars: Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. 

Beauty Advice

The ClassicKatie Holmes – Forget experimenting.  You know what works for you and you stick with it. And, thanks to a few updates here and there, adding a side part to your classic bob or finding a favorite lip color in an uncharacteristically modern case, you’ve proven that timeless doesn’t have to mean boring.

  1. Your hair color should look like you were born with it—only better.  That means staying within two shades of your natural color.
  2. No need to go to extremes.  Good habits (SPF 45 every morning, exfoliating twice a week, and an antioxidant-rich diet) will keep wrinkles at bay.
  3. Skin should glow but not glisten, so use blotting paper and avoid makeup products full of glitter.

Beauty Advice

The TrendsetterRihanna – Whether it’s neon lipstick or an asymmetrical haircut, your beauty secret is anything but middle-of-the-road.  You’ve never met a rule you wouldn’t break—at least once.  And your most fiercely guarded secret: the source of all that vintage Alaïa.

  1. You love to blur the boundaries between masculine and feminine, be it your razored pixie with its androgynous appeal or your pairing of a slim tuxedo with leopard-print platforms.
  2. You’re unpredictable—meaning staying ahead of the masses.  By the time everyone’s mastered ‘80s punk, you’ve entered another decade.
  3. Showing teeth is for pageant queens.  When the cameras are out, your expression hovers between a bemused grin and a knowing smirk—that’s part of your appeal.

Beauty Advice

The SeductressAngelina Jolie – Your clothes aren’t particularly revealing, and your hair and makeup tips are innocent at first glance.  But still, there’s something about you that’s disarming.

  1. A bit of glimmer across the clavicle, along the shin bone, and on the cupid’s bow of the lips gives an alluring glow.
  2. Always leave a trail of scent left by a perfume, which means your fragrance isn’t the first thing people notice but it’s the last thing they remember.  Two spritzes in your hair creates the ideal effect.
  3. Make the most of your sexy neck by gathering hair into a loose updo (go easy on the product to keep strands soft) or sweeping it over one shoulder.

Beauty Advice

The BombshellScarlett Johansson – From the curve-hugging silhouettes to the artfully created barrel curls, your look is designed to draw some serious stares.  When it comes to beauty secrets, you like your products just the way you like your lingerie—feminine but never frilly.

  1. The first swipe of lipstick goes on the minute you roll out of bed; the last application happens after nightcaps.
  2. Your hair – make it big.  Set hair in hot rollers, brush out the curls, backcomb the roots, and finish with a good hair spray.
  3. Curves – A regimen that combines cardio and low-resistance weight lifting keeps your figure enviably toned without losing that sexy hourglass shape.

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