Beauty Advice for Clothing ‘Must-Do’s’ with Gray Hair

Beauty Tips For HairIf you have decided to begin your journey towards accepting gray hair, then there are a few beauty tips for hair you should know about your new hair color. Gray and silver tones are the new “in” color, and more and more women have taken the plunge towards embracing their silvering mane and going gray properly.

If you’re one of these women, then you might be wondering what will change, and whether it’s a matter of carrying on as before. To a certain extent it is, but your new hair color will affect other things you may not have thought of, such as your clothing and makeup choices, so now is a great excuse to clear out your wardrobe and start afresh.

Beauty Tips For Hair

  1. Get rid of your old clothes, these colors in your wardrobe may not suit you anymore and, besides, a brand new wardrobe can help you feel fantastic. Even if these colors are some of your favorites, it’s worth getting rid of everything, because there are far better clothes out there that can suit you a lot better than these clothes ever could.
  2. Look at yourself, actually look and examine your different features, consider your new hair color and whether it is blue gray or light gray, this will help you determine later which clothes will compliment your locks.
  3. Remove all your makeup and look over your skin, check what color your eyes are, whether they are light blue, green, clear blue, green or even a shade of gray. Then check your skin’s natural undertones and look for golden, beige, or peachy hues to your skin. These small details can have a surprisingly big impact on your looks now that you have gray hair, so it’s important you know how to work them appropriately. Even if you’ve never worn make up before, now is the time to start.
  4. If you have blue-silver tones to your hair with either blue or green eyes and beige or pink colors to your skin, you would benefit the most by choosing colors such as plums, pinks, mauves, rose-based browns, and beiges. Alternatively, colors such as blue-reds, blue-gray’s, and blue-greens would suit you better if you have blue-gray hair but with either blue or green eyes and beige or pink coloring to your skin. Orange and golden colors, however, are best avoided as they will make you appear very washed out and pale. Try sticking to black pants, skirts or off-the-shoulder dresses.
  5. If your hair is of a dove-gray disposition, then it would better suit you to go for colors such as ivory, tans, beiges, apricots, corals, golden brown, violet-blue and lemon yellows, especially if you have clear blue or green eyes and peach or golden tones to your skin. As for clothing, colors such as marine blue and warm-tone grays will work great for you, but avoid black and burgundy at all costs as they can sometimes give your skin an unnatural yellow hue.


Armed with these beauty tips for hair, it’s time to hit the shops, don’t be afraid to try anything on, and take a friend who will give you an honest opinion and remember; if you don’t feel right in it, then it’s not right for you.

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