Add Color to Dress Sexy Over 40

Shine In Color and Show Your Shape

Find your best colors and wear them! Black does NOT flatter everyone. Investing in having your best colors assessed is money well spent and will have you looking more interesting and sexier – easily!

Wear clothes that show your shape but don't fit like a second skin. They will be classy and you will be more comfortable. You want to be able to focus on having a good time, not on what is showing where it shouldn't be. Don't put everything on show at once. If you decide to wear a low-ish neckline then don't wear a mini skirt!

A little bit of mystery goes a long way. Have fun!

— Deb Sawyer – Author of “Stress Free Dressing – How to Mix & Match with Confidence”, Stress Free Dressing,

Show Your True Colors

Tip 1: Wear more colors. As you get older, safe colors such as grey, brown, beige make you look dull and tired. Incorporate vivid colors in accessories and shoes and you will be a head-turner.
Tip 2: Don't follow the trend. When you are copying fashion magazines and trying to wear 'in' things, you just look 'trying too hard'. Following current fashion trends is for teenagers. Be true to yourself and establish your own style.

Sakiko Fox, Owner/Designer, SAKIKO

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