Pamper Your Toes with these Foot Care Techniques

I look forward to prepping my feet for sandal season every year. What an awesome excuse to spend a relaxing afternoon soaking my feet in a foot spa. Learn some soothing foot care techniques that pamper your toes from our experts!

Scrub, Moisturize, Flaunt

Sea Salt and Coconut Oil Scrub
One of my absolute MUSTS for spring and summer is to exfoliate and moisturize my elbows and feet in preparation for warmer weather! My favorite way to do this is to loofa my elbows and feet in the shower, then use a sea salt and coconut oil scrub. You can use the scrub as an all-over body exfoliator too, to bring a healthy glow to your skin. To moisturize your elbows and feet, I add a little more coconut oil and massage it in while my feet are still warm and damp from the shower/bath. It’s gentle, pure and helps your body retain moisture.

Cheryl Wheeler Duncan, Co-owner / Nutritionist, Genesis Today

Treat Your Feet

Drinking lots of water and simple massage movements can do wonders to add vitality to the worst paws. Soak your feet in a bath or foot tub with Epson salt. When you’re done, sit on the edge of your bed and slowly rub oil into your feet moving your toes and arches. What a great way to take care of your partner or child after a long day.

Michelle Turner, Movement Integration Specialist, Movement Lesson

How do you treat your feet with pampering foot care when preparing for sandal season?

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