Nail Beauty Tips – What Does The Shape of Your Fingernails Say About You?

shape of your nailsLong or short, oval or square, your fingernail shapes tell a story about who you really are! Nail beauty tips tell you that your nails are the first indicator of emotional and physical health.

What Do Your Nails Say About You?

Almond-Shaped – You’re artistic! An almond shaped nail, featuring the narrowest tip of all, is one of the most elegant and indicates your refined, artistic nature. The subtle transition from rounded nail bed to pointed tip is artistic in itself. Your nails’ shape shows you have a traditional style that suggests you’re as grounded as you are creative,

Square – You’re Hard-Working! Square nails show a diligent, practical nature. You have little patience for laziness. To you, morality and honesty aren’t simply ideals, they’re philosophies you live by. What’s more, your nails’ clear-cut angles telegraph to others that you’re confident and will stay the course – a straight line, after all, is the quickest route between two places.

Fan- or Cup-Shaped – You Crave Variety! If your nails are broader at the top than at the bed, boredom of any kind chafes you to the core. You thrive on variety – both in your job and in your friends. And right up there with your love of adventure is your respect for authenticity, something that can be seen from the natural shape of your nails.

Oval or Rounded – You Seek Harmony! This shape indicates a good nature. Most women with ovals are non-aggressive and avoid confrontation. Your nails’ balanced proportions say something else about you. A shunner of extremes, you prefer a subtler style. Oval nails are the most common in hand models, so it makes sense that you have a strong desire for beauty and harmony.

Long and Narrow – You’re a Sophisticate! Long nails, from bed to tip, are also called “sophisticates”, You are observant and intellectual, and a long nail suggests you’re detail oriented and take care of yourself from head to toe. A long, filed nail instantly signals a sense of femininity and sophistication!

Short – You’re Ultra-Curious! Short nails suggest an inquisitive personality. First, they plainly show that you have an active lifestyle and like to get into the thick of things. Second, they’re subconsciously associated with childhood – and can you think of a time when you were more curious? Lastly, short nails tend to send strong signals that you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves, ditch the nail file, and explore your world!

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