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Most Beautiful HandsFirst impressions are very important. Have you ever heard the saying, “put your best foot forward?” Well what about your most beautiful hands! We spend an endless amount of energy researching the best diet for weight loss, the best beauty regime for our faces, the best manicuring tips for our nails and we tend to overlook the skin on our hands. Our daily lives take quite a toll on our hands and it takes great care to have the most beautiful hands possible.

Top 2 Tips For The Most Beautiful Hands

  1. Protect your hands from the elements. In the summertime your hands are exposed to the sun, in colder climates the wintertime can dry them out and cause them to chap and bleed. Not to mention the myriad of harsh cleaning chemicals and soaps utilized everyday to clean your home. Add all of this together and it becomes obvious; in order to have the most beautiful hands possible you must protect them from the elements. If you desire beautiful hands, make sure to always wear proper gloves when cleaning, winter gloves to protect them from the cold and sunscreen during the sunny summer months.
  2. Give you hands their own beauty treatment. To achieve the most beautiful hands you have to indulge them the same way you do your face. Start with a good exfoliation. Just like your facial skin, the skin on your hands accumulates dead cells making them look lackluster and tired. Take a small amount of a good exfoliant and rub them together, giving yourself a mini massage; make sure to pay special attention to your fingertips. Rinse with cool water, pat dry and finish with a nice moisturizing cream.

A good manicure can make your nails look lovely, however, without good skin care chances are they will only draw more attention to tired worn out hands. If you are going to take the trouble to beautify your digits make sure you have the most beautiful hands possible too by practicing proper skin care. Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers, protect them from the elements and indulge their every beauty need.

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