Keep Your Hands Looking Youthful and Beautiful

Our hands are often the first thing to show signs of aging.  After all, our hands are exposed to the elements more than any other part of our skin.  They are the tools we use to raise our children and care for our families.

Our expert guest blogger and image and beauty expert, Wendy Lyn Phillips, shares with us her tips for beautiful hands.

HELP! My Hands Look Like My Grandma’s!

Next to your face, your hands are a very visual part of your your body that can give away your age. How to keep them from looking like cracked, witchy and alligator-like?
Follow these simple tips:

Exfoliate 2x’s a week with a body scrub or home combo of sea salt, olive oil and peppermint or lavender oil. Massage on top of hands including cuticles. Push back cuticles and remove dead skin around nail bed with an orange stick. Rinse well. After getting rid of dry skin, use a good moisturizer with sun screen that will lock in moisture. It should include cocoa butter and Vitamin C. Keep a mini tube in your car, your purse, your desk and by your bed so you can easily re-apply throughout the day.

Wear leather gloves while gardening…this will keep moisture from escaping. While no cream product will make spider veins shrink, you can make them less noticeable with soft skin and manicured nails.

Pointy fingernails will age you, while nice rounded ones that are somewhat shorter and buffed are better. Getting rid of the ridges and using a soft neutral nail color or something in the coral family for summer is a good choice.

Just think, every time you sign your name or a check, or fill out paperwork your hands are visible. Why not sign away with style and show off those buffed, beautiful, helping hands!

Wendy Lyn Phillips, Image and Beauty Expert, Wendy Lyn Unlimited, Inc

With what treatments do you pamper your skin for beautiful hands?

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