How to Prepare Your Feet for Pampering

When we think of foot care, we often think of foot spas, exfoliating scrub, pedicures and nail polish.  But, there are some more practical ways to care for your feet that will ensure their health and strength.

Foot care starts with treating our feet properly by how we walk, how we strengthen, and what types of footwear we wear on our feet.  It ends with all the wonderful pampering.  Learn how to prepare your feet for pampering using the following tips from our experts!

Properly Distribute Your Weight

People in less industrialized countries have healthy feet into their old age. In the US we tend to ruin our feet through posture and shoes. The MOST important thing you can do to have healthy feet for a lifetime is to stand with your weight in your heels.

Standing with the weight to the front of the feet is widespread and is due to the American habit of standing with the pelvis thrust forward – in a backbend. Shifting the weight to your heels works to save your feet from bunions and flat arches.

To do this, draw your chin in toward your throat and look down to see your ankles or toes. Your pelvis will move back. When you feel the weight is 90% in your heels, slowly back up your head without lifting your chest or letting the pelvis come forward again. Then relax.

The type of shoes you wear also make a huge difference in the health and attractiveness of your feet. High heeled, pointy-toed shoes damage the feet and force them into an unnatural shape, which can do long-term damage. Wear low or no-heeled shoes with room for all your toes. Then you’ll look great when you wear your sandals!

Dana Davis, Owner, Sonoma Body Balance

Strengthen, Strengthen, Strengthen

Ahh the joys of summer footwear, so many fun choices like flip-flops, sandals and those cute, open-toed shoes with 4-inch heels! But with so many fashionable choices providing no arch and ankle support, are you setting yourself up for a summer of foot, ankle, knee, hip & back pain? In addition to spending a few minutes a day getting your feet *looking* good, some simple exercises a few times a week can make sure your feet are *feeling* good. After all, what good is a fantastic pedicure if it is covered by a ‘sensible’ shoe? 🙂

Matt Ferguson, President & CEO, AFX / Progressive Health Innovations

Alternate Your Shoes

Alternate your shoes every day. You can sweet upto 100mls into your shoes everyday. The acid in the sweet can damage your feet and shoes. By letting your shoes dry of for a full 24 hours your feel will be healthier and your shoes will last a lot longer.

Well fitting footwear is also a must to keep your feet looking and feeling their best.

Amanda Tallent, CEO, Bennetts Boots, designer wide calf boots

How do you incorporate foot care into your beauty regimen?

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