Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

Foot Care TipsThe human foot is actually a very intricate piece of the human anatomy. With 28 bones and 35 joints it is a complex part of our bodies that we rely on for mobility, stability as well as relaxation. Without happy and healthy feet, can you imagine how difficult your daily lives would be? Just like all other vital portions of the human anatomy every woman should have helpful foot care tips to keep their tootsie’s feeling fresh and rejuvenated each day.

Top 3 Foot Care Tips

Bare Your Sole – Go Barefoot! Shoes are a wonderful invention that shelter your feet from the dangers of the outdoors. Hot cement, jagged rocks and rain puddles are just a few of the outdoor hazards our favorite footwear protect us from each day. However, when you are done with your day try slipping them off and go au natural around the house. You see shoes can actually make your feet weak, walking barefoot when you can is one of our best foot care tips and will benefit your whole body by working those muscles in your feet and keep them toned and in tip top shape.

Relieve Your Tension – Similar to the other muscles in your body, the feet muscles can become overworked and stressed. One effective way to relax overworked feet is to indulge in a homemade foot massage. This foot care tip involves rolling your feet over a hard circular item; golf balls, an old rolling pin or event an empty glass bottle will do the trick. When using a breakable alternative, remember not to put too much pressure on the item.

Exercise – An exercise that eases stiffness from the backs of your knees all the way to the tips of your toes entails standing on the edge of a stair, with just the balls of your feet on the stair. Make sure you have something near to use for balance and allow your body to relax until you sink and then push yourself back up gently; repeat as necessary. If your toes are acting up, keep them healthy and happy doing a little wiggle therapy. A little wiggling is great exercise for your toes.


Above all else, don’t forget these important general foot care tips for happy feet. Remember to wash your feet daily with warm soapy water, rinsing thoroughly especially between your toes. Avoid soaking the feet as this may cause excessive dryness and always apply moisturizing cream all over except between the toes. Make sure to wear clean stockings or socks each day, and if you have overly sweaty feet wear shoes made of leather canvas not synthetics. Most important only wear proper fitting shoes and last but not least, don’t ignore painful feet. Most conditions are curable if you visit a podiatrist.



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