Beauty Tips For Beautiful Feet!

Proper Foot CareOne of the most neglected body parts is undeniably the feet. At least nine months out of the year, our feet are bundled up and hidden away in our favorite boots and shoes. In our fast-faced, out-of-sight, out-of-mind lifestyle, this can mean that our most beautiful feet get neglected.

So, how can we keep our feet looking fresh and beautiful? Try the "at home" approach. The best form of skin care for the most beautiful feet starts at home.

7 At-Home Remedies For The Most Beautiful Feet

  1. Keep Your Feet Clean –  Both a health and beauty tip, clean feet help to avoid dryness and cracking while keeping toenail fungus and plantar warts away.
  2. Daily foot baths – A daily foot soak will keep your feet nice and clean while softening and moisturizing potentially cracked heels. An added bonus, taking care of your feet at home eliminates the possibility of being exposed to bacteria, viruses, and fungi that others may be carrying at public spas and salons.
  3. Exfoliate – Another way to get the most beautiful feet is to exfoliate. Make sure a few times each week, to pay special attention to your feet. For a change, try adding oatmeal to your daily foot bath and rub the oatmeal into your feet to exfoliate.
  4. Corn Problems – Soften your skin by soaking your feet in warm salt water; then use a coarse emery board to buff the affected area.
  5. Toenails – Give your toenails the same attention you give your fingernails. Before polishing, make sure you keep your toenails trimmed appropriately. Trim and file often, making sure they are neither too long nor too short. Not only will they look fabulous, this will also help to prevent ingrown toenails and unsightly and painful conditions.
  6. Choose Your Polish Wisely – Want long lasting polish? Try metallic polish. It contains minerals that adhere to the nail better.
  7. Moisturize – Finish off your foot beauty regimen with a little lotion.


Do you want beautiful feet, but don’t think you have the time for proper foot care? As you see from the beauty tips above, not only can it be easy, but also very enjoyable. Set aside time at home to indulge yourself with these simple beauty tips for your feet and enjoy the results this summer in your favorite strappy sandals and open-toed shoes.

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