Summer Hair Tips to Avoid Pool Damaged Hair

During the hot summer months, many of us live in and next to the pool.  Keeping cool comes with a bit of a sacrifice.  The chemicals will often dry out our hair leaving it brittle and prone to frizz.  Learn a few summer hair tips to avoid coming down with a case of  pool damaged hair.

Shower Tips for Post-Pool Hair

Wash your hair right away. Don’t wait until the next day. Do NOT use clarifying shampoo as, clarifying shampoo has a tendency to strip your hair of everything, including those natural oils that curls need in the summer. Clarifying shampoos will simply result in drier, frizzy locks.

Use a regular moisturizing or hydrating shampoo. In the summer, your hair needs all the moisture it can get. Shampoo with warm water to trigger the opening of the pores in order to rinse all of the chlorine out. Shampooing with cold water will close the cuticle and trap the chlorine in your hair shaft. However, after shampooing and conditioning, you can finish with a cool water rinse to prevent frizz and enhance shine.

Also, leave-in conditioner or styling cremes are useful even if you haven’t shampooed your hair. They provide extra moisturize after you’ve spent a day in the summer sun.

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Above all, don’t forget to wear a hat. From straw cowboy hats and sporty visors to your favorite team’s baseball cap, hats with broad rims are stylish this season. They also protect your face from the sun.

Melanie Allen, Marketing Coordinator, My Best Friend’s Hair

What are your favorite summer hair tips to keep your hair soft and healthy?

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