Summer Hair Tips to Avoid Chlorine Damage

If you’re in and out of the pool all summer long, check out the following summer hair tips from our expert guest blogger, Melanie Allen, and learn how to maintain healthy hair even when it’s exposed to a lot of chlorine.

How to Avoid Chlorine Damage to Your Hair

Before swimming, wet your hair and condition it. Your hair will absorb the conditioner and prevent chlorine from being absorbed into the hair shaft.

Cover your head. If you’re an athletic swimmer, or if you plan to swim every day this summer, protect your hair with a swim cap. It’s unhealthy to wash your hair every single day, so just avoid the process by covering your head.

If your hair feels extra sticky after a dip in the pool, give your curls a beer rinse to wash out all the chlorine. The malt and hops from the beer are known to repair damaged hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner before or after your dip in the pool. Moisture is the key to protecting your hair from the drying effects of chlorine.

Melanie Allen, Marketing Coordinator, My Best Friend’s Hair

What are your favorite summer hair tips to avoid chlorine damage?

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