Summer Hair Tips for Voluptuous Waves

This summer there are plenty of waves hitting the beach!  And we’re not talking about the surf.  We’re talking about fabulous and flowing waves of hair.  Learn these summer hair tips that will give you a dramatic wave that demands everyone’s attention.

Summer Waves for Gorgeous Hair

For voluptuous waves like a Kardashian and some serious hold, Bio Ionic is excited to announce the arrival of their worldwide sellout product- the Blow Out.

This revolutionary detachable brush styling kit is a global sensation that is changing the art of the salon blow-wave.

How do you achieve these stylish waves with the BlowOut?

1. Dry your hair 90% then section your hair into 6 sections.
2. Begin blow-drying your hair until the Blow Out barrel changes colour from blue to white.
3. Wind the hair tight around the barrel, detach the handle and secure it close to the scalp. Repeat for each section of hair.
4. Allow toe barrel to change back from white to blue before removing it.
5. Finish by brushing hair backwards and shake the hair forward to add more volume.

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What are your favorite summer hair tips to keep your locks sexy and flowing?

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